10 Facts About Me

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hi there! 

As I am a new blogger you lovely people reading this probably don't know anything about me, other than my schooling and TV preferences from my 'About Me' page. However, normally when you read/see one of these you just get the boring facts but I thought I would just tell you some absolutely random facts! I'm only doing 10 because I thought most people would get bored with anymore than that...

1. My full name is Amy Caitlin Lindley. The only reason I was called Amy was because my brother couldn't say Caitlin so it was relegated to my middle name. I prefer Caitlin though.

2. When I was little I always wanted to work in a supermarket just so I could use the bleepy machines for the barcodes. That dream was crushed with the invention of self checkouts. But hey! I know work in a supermarket!

3. My first proper kiss was actually rather movie-ish. We were hanging out by the lake near my house and he just kissed me. It sounds more like song lyrics rather than a movie - that would be a very short lived movie.

4. I used to be scared of ants. Yep, the tinniest thing you could think of and I was terrified of them! There's a video of me somewhere doing an Easter egg hunt around my garden, in full bunny costume of course, screaming at the ants and hoping they'd run away.

5. Me and my best friend were born something like sixteen hours apart. We didn't even meet until we were twelve and we were born in the same hospital (I think). I'm the older one and I always hold it over her if someone asks us.

6. I prefer going to the theatre rather than going to the cinema. My favourite performance that I have seen at the moment is Starlight Express and I have seen it twice. (If you don't know what it is then look it up it is so amazing!)

7. I have a birth mark on the nape of my neck that is just a faint red mark.

8. When I was little I used to sing really loudly when I went to the toilet and get completely undressed when I was in there.

9. I don't know whether I will go to university but I definitely want to go travelling around Europe/the world. I really want to go to places like Australia, Thailand, America, Greece, Italy and New Zealand.

10. I love Chinese food and noodle dishes in general and I am rather skilled at using chopsticks.

So I hope you learnt some useless facts about me! Comment below with a fact about you, I want to get to know my readers!

- Amy Caitlin xo