Guest Post | Botanics Eye Make Up Remover Review

Friday, 26 July 2013

Hi Guys, 

Elinor from Little Red here! The lovely Amy asked me to do a guest post for her, whilst she is away, and review a product I have recently tried & tested. 

Us English Roses have just about wilted from this stonker of a heatwave and I don't know about you but my skin has gotten really sensitive with the heat. Removing my eye makeup became utter torture as my normal Simple eye makeup remover seemed to do nothing but sting. 

I spent a long time roaming Boots in search of a saving grace eye makeup remover that would love my sensitive skin. I settled on the Boots Botanics Eye Makeup Remover as it boasted about being all natural ingredients and to have a brightening effect on your eye area. I have bigger bags then your neighbourhood bag lady so I was all over this! It seemed kind to my purse - I hoped it would be just as kind to my eyes! 

I was so wrong. 

You have to shake the product well to combine the ingredients, once I applied it to my eyes my first thoughts were how oily it felt. For me it had no soothing feel instead I felt as though i'd smeared cooking oil on my face. It didn't seem to remove my makeup either, it started to break it down yes (I had to hold the cotton pad over my eyes for a good 2 minutes) but whilst trying to wipe it away it just seemed to smudge down my face. 

It took me a good 5 minutes every time to stop looking like I'd gone three rounds with Tyson, when all my makeup was removed I had a very oily residue to wash off. Instead of a quick job it turned into manual labor! Taking off my makeup became even more of a chore than I already felt it was. 
As you know, water and oil don't really mix that well so to get rid of the residue I had to splash my face 10 times. After the first use, the product got all over the outside of the bottle which meant it was slimy and the labels all started peeling off. I wanted to leave this on my shelf unloved because I didn't even like it. 

I pursued with it however and used it all up, took about a week and a half (which I thought was really poor product lasting time). One that will not be welcomed home in my next Boots haul, beware! 


Aye Aye Sailor!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

On twitter, @FBLbloggers have created a monthly themed challenge and this month it is Nautical. For more details check out their twitter!

Who said you need to be a sailor to make a splash in fashion? Nautical themed clothing are perfect for a relaxed summer look, whether going to the beach or having a picnic!

The sea and sailor inspired look was first introduced in the fashion world when a four-year-old Prince Albert, Prince of Wales wore a sailor suit whilst on holiday on the Royal Yacht in 1846. Over the years, the trend has translated from a fashion for little boys into adult fashion.

The nautical trend has been featured on and off in fashion forecasts in recent years and features in the menswear S/S '13 trend report. However, that does not mean that ladies can't get in on the fun this summer! I think the nautical style is one of the easiest trends to wear for either casual or for an occasion.

Here is my simple nautical look that I wear...big thanks to my Mumma for taking the pictures!

It was windy...

Both t-shirt and shorts came from New Look.

Anchor button detail 

My cat came to help, she doesn't look too happy.

Every outfit need its accessories! These came in a multipack from Primark.

Keeping with the sea theme - Fishtail Plait.

Barry M 'Bright Red' - NP 262

Celebrity Style Spot

Taylor Swift loves Nautical!
These images were found on Google and are in no way my own.


So it's simple! Think stripes, blues, reds and whites and you are all set for your very own nautical look!
I hope you enjoyed this sort of post, if you want more like this that aren't necessarily for the challenge leave me a comment with a theme below! 

- Amy Caitlin xo 

My London Adventure!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hi there!

Yes, I've been to London before but it has been a while since I had a good shop there! I went with my Mum and we got the bus from Bristol at 7.45am! I wasn't exactly the most awake on the bus there...

We arrived at about quarter past ten and then got the tube straight from Victoria to Camden Town. I love Camden Market. Although there are some really weird stalls and people the overall all atmosphere is awesome! We spent quite a bit of time there actually, it's so big you just get lost!
We were looking at this one stall that had some lush fairy light made with all natural ingredients when the guy running it came up and said "Amy?", I just looked at him like 'how does he know my name?' and he said he was a magician. He then proceeded to show us a load of magic tricks which were really cool and made me laugh out of amazement.
I also grabbed some lunch at the market from one of the dozens of Chinese places and there was this huge robot thing that was near to where I sat to eat...

Also if you walk along the street where the underground is in Camden literally all of the shops have models attached to the front of the shop. I like the Doc Martin...

After Camden, we hopped back on the tube down to Knightsbridge to visit Harrods. It wasn't to buy anything! I'm not rich! It was very busy and the only place we really looked was the perfume (which was at the front) and the food hall. My Mum bought her lunch from there and then we walked over to Hyde Park.

We actually got a bit lost in the park - I'm not know for my navigational skills - but we ended up coming out my the memorial for the 7/7 bombings. It was so different to a regular memorial as there wasn't just a list of names but a pillar for each of the people who had died and where they had been killed.

When we finally made it out of the park at the right exit, we headed down Oxford Street and the real shopping started!
I did attempt to go in Primark but it was just so busy that I gave up and opted just to go to the one in Bristol some time soon. I also went in Urban Outfitters, River Island, Boots, Forever 21 and Selfridges. We stopped to have a cup of tea in Selfridges - mocha for me obviously - after I had had a good look at the MAC cosmetics counter!

We then moved on to Carnaby Street, which I have to say is the lushest street I have ever walked down. The only problem was that we were getting a bit rushed for time so we didn't have time to properly look through the shops, but it is definitely where I am going to start next time I go to London!

For dinner we went to this lovely little restaurant called Côte, which was on the outskirts of SoHo. We chose to go with the "pre-theatre" menu - two courses for £11.75. Both me and Mum had the steak and chips for the main course and it was - I couldn't think of a better word - absolutely divine! The meat was so succulent and cooked to perfection, there wasn't a single burnt chip, and the service was so quick! 
For pudding I had a dark chocolate mouse with crème fraîche on top but I didn't eat all of it. 1) it was so rich and sickly! and 2) I have now discovered that I don't like crème fraîche.
I would definitely go to any of the Côte restaurants again as it was so utterly fab, deserves a big five stars from me! 
Also this was the bottle that the complementary water came in and I thought it was rather fancy...

After dinner we headed down to Leicester Square as Mum had in mind to buy a Häagen-Dazs ice cream for some reason! However, when we go there we discovered that the world premiere of Simon Pegg's new movie "World's End" was going on so we stood and watched Simon Pegg and Nick Frost getting interviewed on the blue carpet - was a little bit weird! 

Unfortunately, then it was time to start heading back to the bus station at Victoria to go home. As the Leicester Square underground was so busy we decided to walk over to Trafalgar Square instead. (I sent us in the wrong direction again- oops!) But when we got there, there was a full on camera crew and extras filming something, don't what though. That was quite interesting! 

It's not very clear on that picture but you can see the big purple screen they had up to keep the sun of the actors. 

Finally, after some very crowded undergrounds and a little bit of running, we made it to the coach on time and then we were homeward bound! 

Well done if you have managed to read all of this post and thank-you! I hope to go back and have some more London fun soon! 

- Amy Caitlin xo 

Low On Money But Want High Fashion?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hi there!

In our world today everyone is constantly looking for a bargain when buying their clothes or shoes or accessories.  And I'm one of them! If I see something I really like then normally I am more than likely to hit up Ebay and see if they have it before buying (or not) from the store. 
So here is my list of top money saving websites for great quality fashion! 

1) Ebay

As I have already expressed my love for ebay, it is coming in at the top of my list! I think it is a great website as you can buy new or used items and there is such a wide variety. I know I use it to find designer items that I, perhaps, couldn't otherwise afford. My greatest find to date has to be my Jack Wills gilet. This gilet is around £80 or something from the shop but I got one second hand for £30! Now the only problem with buying items second hand is that they could be damaged in some way when you receive them. This is properly the seller's fault for not advertising the problem but that's the chance you take!

Visit the website at: for the UK or for elsewhere.

2) Boohoo

I like Boohoo because it is solely online, I like that you take a chance on what you're buying and there isn't the opportunity to go to a shop and change your mind about buying an item.  Also because there are some great prices for some absolutely lush clothing! (and shoes and accessories and much more!)
It is also a great place for basics and I love their Autumn/Winter clothes - all those snuggly jumpers! Don't get me wrong I love the spring/summer clothes as well but it can get a bit samey: cropped vests anyone?
At the moment I currently have my eye on this gorgeous lilac vintage jumper, even though it is getting a lot hotter! Strange for England.

Visit their website here and keep an eye on FashionVouchers (more below) for great deals!

3) Primark at ASOS

I only discovered this the other day whilst I was roaming the ASOS website and was absolutely over the moon! Primark is one of my favourite high street stores, which might make me sound a bit cheap but with a teenagers income (very little) what else can you do?  
It is really good for basics, underwear, shoes etc but you can also find some real gems as well! I also like the fact that it has now got an online store because the Primark near me (Bristol) is huge and can get so packed and hot on a weekend that you can hardly get near the clothes! 
If I put up on here what I have bought in Primark we could be here for a while but if you want to see some recent purchases check out this blog. However, I shall show you what I am currently obsessed with: Varsity tops! I really love this one on their website and it is only a fiver! 

Visit them over at the ASOS website: Primark at ASOS

4) Fashion Vouchers

Can I just say that I squealed when I found this website? I mean it is just such a good idea! And again, like ebay, it gives someone like me who has little income the opportunity to buy clothes of more expensive brands at a more affordable price. 
Although I am yet to use any of the vouchers on this site there has been some amazing offers such as 20% of dresses at Urban Outfitters and so on. 

Visit their website here!

5) Select Fashion

I originally found this brand when the store opened up in Bristol and at first I thought it was going to be one of those cheap brands that just sold really tacky clothes - I was surprised! Yes the quality of some of the items can be a bit hit and miss but I think it is a really good place to get plain black leggings.
There always seems to be a sale on as well so you can grab yourself a bargain. Although on the website delivery is only free if you spend over £40, it does offer a 15% discount for students. After having a little search for some new shorts I discovered these at Select. I love them because the crotchet is subtle unlike some other shorts I have seen!

Visit their website here.

That concludes my list of top money saving websites! If like me you spend way too much money with not enough coming in then these websites can be useful to you too! Also if you know of any other websites that can keep a few pounds in your pocket then leave a comment and spread the word!

- Amy Caitlin xo 

10 Facts About Me

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hi there! 

As I am a new blogger you lovely people reading this probably don't know anything about me, other than my schooling and TV preferences from my 'About Me' page. However, normally when you read/see one of these you just get the boring facts but I thought I would just tell you some absolutely random facts! I'm only doing 10 because I thought most people would get bored with anymore than that...

1. My full name is Amy Caitlin Lindley. The only reason I was called Amy was because my brother couldn't say Caitlin so it was relegated to my middle name. I prefer Caitlin though.

2. When I was little I always wanted to work in a supermarket just so I could use the bleepy machines for the barcodes. That dream was crushed with the invention of self checkouts. But hey! I know work in a supermarket!

3. My first proper kiss was actually rather movie-ish. We were hanging out by the lake near my house and he just kissed me. It sounds more like song lyrics rather than a movie - that would be a very short lived movie.

4. I used to be scared of ants. Yep, the tinniest thing you could think of and I was terrified of them! There's a video of me somewhere doing an Easter egg hunt around my garden, in full bunny costume of course, screaming at the ants and hoping they'd run away.

5. Me and my best friend were born something like sixteen hours apart. We didn't even meet until we were twelve and we were born in the same hospital (I think). I'm the older one and I always hold it over her if someone asks us.

6. I prefer going to the theatre rather than going to the cinema. My favourite performance that I have seen at the moment is Starlight Express and I have seen it twice. (If you don't know what it is then look it up it is so amazing!)

7. I have a birth mark on the nape of my neck that is just a faint red mark.

8. When I was little I used to sing really loudly when I went to the toilet and get completely undressed when I was in there.

9. I don't know whether I will go to university but I definitely want to go travelling around Europe/the world. I really want to go to places like Australia, Thailand, America, Greece, Italy and New Zealand.

10. I love Chinese food and noodle dishes in general and I am rather skilled at using chopsticks.

So I hope you learnt some useless facts about me! Comment below with a fact about you, I want to get to know my readers!

- Amy Caitlin xo

I Danced At The Royal Albert Hall?!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hi there!

No the title is not joking, I really did dance at The Royal Albert Hall! I haven't actually made it totally clear on this blog that I dance so, sorry about that. I dance at the Adele Stitch School of Dance and have trained in various different styles of dance since I was two.

Anyway, the reason that we danced at the RAH was because we were invited to be a part of the Barnardo's Help The Children concert, which is a big honour.

Previously, I have danced at the Wembley Arena as part of the same concert but I have to say that this time round it was so much better!

Considering I had my Year 11 Ball the night before, getting up in the morning was torture! The coach was leaving at nine so I only had five hours sleep! I literally forced myself to stay awake on the coach as I knew I'd be more tired if I went to sleep again. Luckily we stopped at a service station so I bought a Mocha and had my coffee hit.

When we arrived at the Albert Hall we entered through the Stage Door and were immediately bombarded by pictures of all the different acts and performances that the Hall has hosted. 
It was really interesting and kind of awe inspiring to see who had stood on the same stage before us: there were pictures of Gary Barlow, The National Television Awards, Frank Sinatra, Beyonce and Jay-Z and sooooo many more! There were also pictures of when the hall was turned into a basketball court and a sumo wrestling ring.

We were then shown to our dressing room. I could of happily of lived in there it was so lovely! The carpet was so soft on your feet and the sofas were so squishy. It was really well decorated and we even had a fully tuned piano! 

Before we had our rehearsal, our dance teacher took us up to the top of the Hall so we could see the size of it and it was quite literally breath taking! Never in my whole life am I going to forget this experience.

Mirror in the dressing room.

The view from the top.

The humongous organ. 
Corridor view.

The light domes that hang from the roof. 

After we had had lunch in Hyde Park, which  is home to some very weird runners, we had about two or three hours to do all our hair and make-up before the performance. 
                                   That was rather stressful!        
Overall the performances went really well and the stage is so long that when we finished everyone was panting for breath! 
The concert itself it mostly a choir of school children singing with soloists and such, but is also presented by 'celebrity' compere each year. This year it was Ore Oduba from Newsround on CBBC and we met him afterwards. He was nice. 

This is a video of one of  our performances! It's to a mix of Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp and Girls by Beyonce.

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment, I love to hear what you think!
- Amy Caitlin xo

My Year 11 Ball Look

Hi there!

Last Friday (the 28th) was my Year 11 Ball or Prom, whatever you prefer to call it. I know lots of people like to go big for events like this - some people even consider there Prom dress to be just as important as their Wedding dress! But me, I just didn't want to spend too much on my outfit. I know some people who have spent over £300 on their Outfit, Hair and Make-up, which is frankly ridiculous! 


Dress: Jane Norman (£60.00), Shoes: New Look (£24.99), Bag: New Look (£14.99 - two years ago). 


I had my hair styled professionally at my hair dressers, which was quite expensive but Mum allowed it seeing as I hadn't spent too much on my dress. At first I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair and, after Google-ing different websites and searching for so long, I came across this video on Fleur De Force's YouTube channel for her wedding (BrideDeForce), it is the style that her Bridesmaids will have. 

I really loved the knotting detail as it was something different to a regular plait. Although I don't have as much hair as Hannah in the video, or a middle parting, me and my hair dresser worked it out quite well I think. Unfortunately the plait/knots aren't really obvious in the photo above - sorry about that I forgot to take a decent picture because of all the excitement! Obviously we modified the back as, after I had my trial hair, the back fell out quite quickly. I either didn't have enough hair left or mine is too fine. Sad times. On the night though it did stay in absolutely fine. I think the overall look in this video is just...bellissimo! 

Make Up

Can I just apologise for the weird pout I'm pulling in this picture? Anyway, I wanted to keep my make-up fairly simple with a greater emphasis on my eyes rather than my lips.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder and
Wake Me Up Foundation.
I started by applying my foundation, I used the Rimmel London Wake Me Up foundation. I actually used a sample I got from a magazine as I didn't want to go and buy it and then not like it, but I am definitely going to buy a proper bottle now! It feels so weightless against your skin it literally feels like you are wearing no foundation. I then used Rimmel London Stay Matte press powder to keep my face from getting shiny later in the night. I used the Translucent powder as I just wanted to cover the foundation not change the colour of it.

Beauty UK Palette 1
 Next I moved on to my eye make-up. As my dress had gold beading on it I opted to use browns and golds for my eye shadow. I started by applying a thin layer of vaseline to my eye lid as it helps to keep the eye shadow in place. Then I applied a layer of the gold colour (bottom left of   the palette) over my whole eye lid. If you don't put too much powder on your brush at one time it stops excess powder falling beneath your eye, which has happened to me in the past. I then blended the dark brown (top left) colour into the crease of my eye to make them stand out more. Finally putting a tiny bit of the cream/off-white (top row, second from left) colour in the corner of my eye - near my nose - just to lighten the overall colour of the make-up.

Collection 2000 eyeliner 
I applied a thin line of black eyeliner, which was the Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner, across the top of my eye lid. Now, the only problem with this is that it is not waterproof. If, like me, your eyes water easily in the wind then I recommend getting a waterproof eyeliner as my friend had to keep fixing mine!

Seventeen and Max Factor Mascara
I completed my eye make-up by applying Doll'd Up mascara by Seventeen on my upper lashes and Max Factor 2000 Calorie to my lower lashes. I'm not sure why I use different mascaras to be honest, the doll'd up mascara curls your eyelashes and doesn't quite work on lower lashes. Where as the Max Factor on is waterproof so if my eyes water is doesn't run. The only reason I have the doll'd up mascara is because I had a Boots voucher that meant that it was £2.00 instead of £6.29. However, I do not regret this purchase.

Usually I don't wear lipstick as it normally rubs of quite quick but I decided to use some for a change. I used the No7 Moisture Drench in the colour 'Divine' (05 on the tube, 7 on the website). I have just realised that I am actually not wearing it in the picture above so, sorry about that!

No7 Lipstick

Anyway, that sums up my Prom look. I hope you enjoyed reading, leave me a comment telling me what you think!

- Amy Caitlin xo