New Look and Primark Haul

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hi there!

Well, I looked in my wardrobe the other day and just thought ‘I don’t like half of this stuff’ so I decided to have a re-vamp! My lovely Mum took me into Cabot Circus today and we did a bit a lot of shopping. As I don’t work at the moment, I don’t have loads of money to spend so I normally shop in the slightly lower priced high street shops like New Look and Primark!
So I thought I would share what I bought with you lovely people on the Internet!

First up is this cute little skirt from New Look, which was £12.99.

This button up skirt is perfect for a relaxed boho look. I would probably wear this with a plain t-shirt so that there aren't too many different prints but I absolutely love the ethnic elephant border!

Next is this chiffon ombre shirt from Primark for £12.00

I really like this as it's loose fitted and can be worn with various different items. It's very summery and I can definitely see it being worn on the beach when I go on holiday! I am actually obsessed with button up shirts at the moment and I'm glad I have added this to my collection.

Also in Primark I bought this adorable Mint blouse for £10.00


 I bought this as I liked the zip down the back. Altogether it is a pretty, floaty top but the zip just breaks it up and gives it a bit of edge. The layered collar it such a nice detail to the top as well.

Back to New Look now, these Jeans were £19.99 (okay so my Mum did buy most of this...)

I was so happy when I tried these on as I find it really difficult to find jeans that fit me properly and these do! They're really comfy but also stretch a little so they aren't as restrictive as some jeans can be. 

I got this simple striped top from Primark for £4.00

I don't own that many t-shirts and I think it is important that you have several basic tops in your wardrobe so I've been looking around recently. This will be so easy to wear with jeans, shorts, skirts and will also be good if I just feel like having a lazy day around the house. 

Still in Primark, these trousers were labeled as £14.00 but they only came up as £7.00 at the till! 
I love a bargain!

The first thing I thought when I put these on way 'Wow these are comfy!' and yes I have now described both pairs of trousers as 'comfy' but they honesty are! At first I wasn't sure about the pattern on these as they are quite outlandish but I'm giving them a go. 

Finally, I wanted to add to this post this maxi skirt that I bought (yes I did!) about a month ago but it's still new to me! It was £19.99 but I loved it so what the heck! 

 Oops! That picture is a bit blurry, sorry! I've just started to get into maxi skirts so I'm still experimenting with what to wear with them. I recently wore this with a simple vest (tucked in) with an over sized denim shirt over the top and I think it looked quite effective!

Okay, so that's it from me at the moment. I just realised I bought a lot of blue clothing today! Oh well. I hoped you enjoyed reading, leave a comment saying which was your favourite item! 

- Amy Caitlin xo