5 Things I Hate About Exams

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hi there!

So, I am now on my extra long summer break after finishing my GCSE examinations. After taking so many exams (seventeen, plus January exams and last years) I think I am more than qualified to say that there are plenty of things that are frustrating about this process – actually doing the exam and issues related to exams. Here we go then…

1.        It’s Essentially A Memory Test!

People look at your exam results and then judge how smart you are based on them, but I don’t think this is right. If, like me, you have a rubbish memory for the important things then you are more likely to do better in coursework as you can have all the information you need to compile a project. However, I’ve heard that some exam boards are thinking about taking out coursework so I feel sorry for anyone taking their GCSEs in the next few years. Also, you have more time to complete coursework! Most exams I’ve found are either too long or too short for what has to be completed in the time period, sometimes I find myself counting the ceiling tiles just to pass the time!

2.        The Spread Of Exams

As I previously mentioned I have taken seventeen exams in the last month and a bit. This is a lot of exams to start with, not to mention the fact that I had six of them in the first week! I swear exam boards just sit down and say “lets put all the hard exams in the same week” because that is what it seemed like! Although after that initial week I have only had three a week and sometimes they would be one day after another or two on the same day, it has been weird. 

3.         People Cracking Their Knuckles

This is just one of my pet hates. I really cannot stand the sound that the bones make if someone cracks their knuckles and most of my friends understand this so they only do it when they know I can’t hear. However, in the exam, where it is silent, there is nothing I can do to stop the person three seats away from cracking their knuckles. This is the biggest distraction EVER for me…

4.        Invigilators (Or Security Guards…)

Now for those of you who don’t know invigilators are the people who oversee the exams to make sure that no one cheats and give you extra paper when you need it. For me, there are so many things that annoy me about these people. I know it must be boring sitting in an exam hall for long periods of time but really, do they have to wear high heels that click on the floor every time they walk? Even worse, do they have to stroll around the room and read what you write over your shoulder? Another thing that bothers me is that they always seem to take ages to find you extra paper and, when you have to write a lot in timed conditions, this is not fun. Finally, every invigilator has an annoying habit that is so much more obvious in the silence of the exam hall: biting their nails, reading through the exam and turning the pages really loudly, staring at the students, etc.

5.         Late Arrivals and Seat Numbers

Okay, the people who arrive late to exams are so annoying! They distract everybody else in the hall and it’s like do you not own a time telling device? Then the invigilators have to fuss over getting them started at the right time. EGH. Also, there are so many people in my year group that turn up to exams not knowing their seat numbers – it’s a letter and a number how hard is it to remember! The process of the invigilators having to find their name in a long list to tell them a tiny number just prolongs the time that everyone as to spend in the exam hall, which is so nice…NOT!

If there is anything that annoys you when you're taking exams, leave a comment and let me know!

- Amy Caitlin xo