OOTD and New School

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hi there!

If you have read my 'about me' page you will know that I am starting Sixth Form in September. However, to do the subjects that I want I have to move schools. Today is the induction day so I thought I'd show you what I wore.

Sorry for the bad quality!
You may recognise the skirt from my previous post, I got it from New Look for £12.99. T-Shirt, also New Look, £7.99. Denim Shirt, Primark for £10.00 and Socks, £3.50 from Topshop. I also wore some white toed grey daps, which are also from New Look.

This morning I was so nervous, as I didn't know what to expect. Luckily I knew people in my first class so the day started well. Everyone was welcoming but I don't think I really calmed down until the second lesson (English language) , when I branched out and started talking to people I didn't know. It also helped that the teacher was just as crazy as my old English teacher so maybe that helped. Looking back on the day, I think just talking to someone you don't know really helps to of your initial nerves.

My third lesson was Performing Arts so  it was a bit more hands on and forced me to interact with more people. It was interesting to see how the other new people in the class interacted with the existing students, some were quite shy whilst others just got on with it.

Lunch was a little bit awkward as I didn't really know what to do, I was with my friend, but most of the existing students had left the school site to get food so we were unsure as to what to do. Somehow, I ended up with a friend from primary school who introduced me to her friends and I felt more comfortable.

The free period I had was such a nice change to my previous school. There it's always noisy but at this school everyone was quiet and just got on with their work or talking. I spent it with the same girl from primary school and some friends from the year above, and they just explained the school to me when I had questions. They also showed me to my last lesson as I had no clue where it was, the map I had didn't even help!

I think my last lesson was my favourite - Creative & Media Production. It was quite a small class and there was an equal amount of boys and girls so the ideas were quite diverse. The teacher was pretty awesome and I am weirdly excited to complete the summer project. We have to research a film genre (I got fantasy) and then storyboard a short film on how to make a cup of tea in the style of the genre. I know I'm sad.

Overall, I think it was a really good way to sample what school will be like there and it also confirmed my decision to go there. Now, I am so excited to get started in September!

- Amy Caitlin xo

There is something I don't understand...

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hi there!

PRE-WARNING: this blog will go into a serious topic, but it is entirely my opinion. 


I was on twitter today and, I don't know if other people do this, when I'm bored I look through people's photos and videos. Today I happened to look through Bertie Bert G's posts and I came across a music video by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Now a lot of people reading this probably thought of their single 'Thrift Shop' - I'm not. 

I am talking about the song called 'Same Love' which features Mary Lambert. This song is about how people deal with being gay and how the world around them treats them for being who they truly are. In a nutshell it's a song to show that they support marriage equality. 

I'm a Barry M kind of girl !

Hi there!

Growing up I was never really obsessed with make up. I would get make up for birthday presents but it would mainly just sit in a draw, I was rather tomboyish between the ages of nine and twelve. However, the only beauty product that I would ever love to buy were Barry M nail varnishes. 
I adore Barry M nail varnishes, they are such good quality for a reasonable price and I like how they don't just bring out plain colours, they mix it up with metallic and special effects - I think it's great!

As you can see I have loads of different polishes that I have collected over the years. So I thought I would show you the different polishes in colour groups so you can get an idea of what they look like and so you know the details about the polishes that you like so you can go buy them!
All the Nail Varnishes have links to Barry M's website.

Special Effect Nail Varnishes

This group is a big reason that I love Barry M. I find it fascinating how someone came up with the idea of having magnetic nail paint, and the crackle effect one - how does that even happen?

   1. Magnetic Burgundy, NP 327
   2. Magnetic Purple, NP 329
   3. Magnetic Blue, NP 328

    1. Textured Nail Effect, TNP 4
2. Confetti Nail Effects, CNP 5   
3. Limited Edition, NPLES13A - Superdrug have an offer on at the moment , which offers this nail varnish as free when you spend £6 or more!

If you follow me on twitter then you will know that I was planning on going to Superdrug to get myself an end-of-exams treat, well these are what I got!

 1.  Limited Edition Effects Foil, NP LES
 2. Chameleon Colour Change, NP 330
 3. Instant Nail Effects Crackle, NP 332

My favourite polish out of my effects selection has to be this confetti one, even though it's new, I think it's brilliant as you can wear it on it's own or over the top of a solid colour. Also if your school/college was as strict as mine on nail polish, it isn't as obvious as a block colour.

Blues and Greens

These are just the regular block colours so you can find them all here.

 1. Denim, NP 325 
2. Glitter, NP 354 - one thing I would say about this polish is that it is very difficult to get off!
3. Navy, NP 292
4. Indigo, NP 312
5. Cyan Blue, NP 294

 1. Racing Green, NP 299
 2. Teal, NP 334
 3. Emerald Green, NP 284
 4. Spring Green, NP 290

I adore the Teal coloured polish, it looks so pretty when the light catches it and, even though it's hard to get off, the glitter polish does look good just like the confetti one.

Autumn Colours

I called this Autumn colours because they really do remind me of the trees just before the leaves fall off, which I think is one of the most beautiful parts of the year!

1. Mushroom, NP 310 
2. Dusky Mauve, NP 313
3. Tangerine, NP 136
4. Bright Red, NP 262
5. Raspberry, NP 273

Pinks and Purples

Again, these are just the regular block colour polishes so check out the previous link!

1. Berry Ice Cream, NP 308
2. Bright Purple, NP 303
3. Fuchsia, NP 302
4. Neon Pink, NP - this one is no longer available.  
5. Shocking Pink, NP 272

The Bright Purple polish is my favourite out of this bunch! Mainly because it is such an awesome colour but also because my best friend bought it for me after she heard me lusting after it!

All of these polishes obviously need to be taken off somehow and in the past I have used regular remover on a piece of cotton wool. However, recently I discovered a remover by Bourjois Paris where you put your finger into the bottle to take of your nail varnish. Inside the bottle there is a sponge with the remover in it and your just move your finger about a bit and the polish come off so quickly! I love it as it is so quick and easy, it has also won an ELLE Beauty Award! 

That's it from me at the moment, I hope you enjoyed this blog. Leave a comment with your favourite polish and if you know any good blogs about nail varnish, leave a link, I would love to read them!

- Amy Caitlin xo

5 Things I Hate About Exams

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hi there!

So, I am now on my extra long summer break after finishing my GCSE examinations. After taking so many exams (seventeen, plus January exams and last years) I think I am more than qualified to say that there are plenty of things that are frustrating about this process – actually doing the exam and issues related to exams. Here we go then…

1.        It’s Essentially A Memory Test!

People look at your exam results and then judge how smart you are based on them, but I don’t think this is right. If, like me, you have a rubbish memory for the important things then you are more likely to do better in coursework as you can have all the information you need to compile a project. However, I’ve heard that some exam boards are thinking about taking out coursework so I feel sorry for anyone taking their GCSEs in the next few years. Also, you have more time to complete coursework! Most exams I’ve found are either too long or too short for what has to be completed in the time period, sometimes I find myself counting the ceiling tiles just to pass the time!

2.        The Spread Of Exams

As I previously mentioned I have taken seventeen exams in the last month and a bit. This is a lot of exams to start with, not to mention the fact that I had six of them in the first week! I swear exam boards just sit down and say “lets put all the hard exams in the same week” because that is what it seemed like! Although after that initial week I have only had three a week and sometimes they would be one day after another or two on the same day, it has been weird. 

3.         People Cracking Their Knuckles

This is just one of my pet hates. I really cannot stand the sound that the bones make if someone cracks their knuckles and most of my friends understand this so they only do it when they know I can’t hear. However, in the exam, where it is silent, there is nothing I can do to stop the person three seats away from cracking their knuckles. This is the biggest distraction EVER for me…

4.        Invigilators (Or Security Guards…)

Now for those of you who don’t know invigilators are the people who oversee the exams to make sure that no one cheats and give you extra paper when you need it. For me, there are so many things that annoy me about these people. I know it must be boring sitting in an exam hall for long periods of time but really, do they have to wear high heels that click on the floor every time they walk? Even worse, do they have to stroll around the room and read what you write over your shoulder? Another thing that bothers me is that they always seem to take ages to find you extra paper and, when you have to write a lot in timed conditions, this is not fun. Finally, every invigilator has an annoying habit that is so much more obvious in the silence of the exam hall: biting their nails, reading through the exam and turning the pages really loudly, staring at the students, etc.

5.         Late Arrivals and Seat Numbers

Okay, the people who arrive late to exams are so annoying! They distract everybody else in the hall and it’s like do you not own a time telling device? Then the invigilators have to fuss over getting them started at the right time. EGH. Also, there are so many people in my year group that turn up to exams not knowing their seat numbers – it’s a letter and a number how hard is it to remember! The process of the invigilators having to find their name in a long list to tell them a tiny number just prolongs the time that everyone as to spend in the exam hall, which is so nice…NOT!

If there is anything that annoys you when you're taking exams, leave a comment and let me know!

- Amy Caitlin xo

Book Review | The Fault In Our stars by John Green *****

Sunday, 23 June 2013

If you are a frequent user of YouTube then you have probably heard of John Green, one half of the VlogBrothers. A channel he uses to communicate with his brother Hank. Their channel has over one million subscribers and they are considered as some of the most influential people on the site. However, many of their subscribers don’t realise the John is actually better know for his writing of young adult novels.

In 2012, The Fault In Our Stars was released: a very moving and exceptionally well-written book about a teenage girl with cancer.

New Look and Primark Haul

Hi there!

Well, I looked in my wardrobe the other day and just thought ‘I don’t like half of this stuff’ so I decided to have a re-vamp! My lovely Mum took me into Cabot Circus today and we did a bit a lot of shopping. As I don’t work at the moment, I don’t have loads of money to spend so I normally shop in the slightly lower priced high street shops like New Look and Primark!
So I thought I would share what I bought with you lovely people on the Internet!

First up is this cute little skirt from New Look, which was £12.99.

This button up skirt is perfect for a relaxed boho look. I would probably wear this with a plain t-shirt so that there aren't too many different prints but I absolutely love the ethnic elephant border!